Peggy Green

is a team-building and diversity speaker and trainer. In a day of divisive social issues, she is an expert at moving people with deep ideological differences through dread and rhetoric to inspiring leadership.

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We Can Talk: About Guns (Part 1)
After Orlando


We Can Talk About Guns (Part 2)
The Second Amendment



When you speak in such a way that even your adversary is inclined to listen, and when you ask the sort of question that makes even your adversary feel better understood, you can also lead.


When you cooperate, you agree upon the rules of the game. In situations involving conflict, the rules of the game are all about fairness and safety. Be fair. Be safe.


People from vastly different worldviews can and do share the lead. Having made a plan and built an agenda beside someone with whom they disagree, they are fully prepared to share the reins and inspire others.

Inspirational Speaker

Passionate about reconciliation and human cooperation, I deliver inspiring, on-the-ground speeches and seminars. I speak to that place where people hunger for something solid. I share the ancient recipe. I serve it up hot.

Innovative Trainer

Face to face, people with clashing worldviews take the lead side-by-side. Putting shoes and socks on their core beliefs, they form a team and leave the room fully prepared to build leadership teams across enemy lines.

Gutsy Moderator

Peggy has facilitated "culture wars" dialogue between pro-choice and pro-life women, between gay people and conservative Christians, as well as between gun control and gun rights advocates.
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