This is restorative justice at its personal and biblical best.
Peggy Green makes real and concrete what saints have said before:
'If your interpretation of Scripture is not leading you to love,
then change your interpretation until it does'.

-Richard Rohr

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I go away from it ever more bewildered that people would waste their energy on hatred.

-Richard Smoley, author of
The Deal: A Guide to Radical and Complete Forgiveness

It is a work of joy!

-Kevin Fisher- Paulson
author of A Song for Lost Angels

Diverse participants . .  . understand themselves and each other!

-Mary Ann Shaw, PFLAG Missouri;
Open Door Ministry

This is not only possible, but happening.

-Donal Godfrey, SJ
Author of Gays and Grays

. . . .the hearts and lives of straight and gay folks of both conservative and liberal persuasions as they gather in the same room, week after week. . . "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…”

-Kristyn Komarncki
Evangelicals for Social Action

. . .for educators and religious leaders seeking to inspire positive change. . . . A gift of love, reconciliation and hope.

-Bernard Schlager, PhD, Executive Director
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
Pacific School of Religion

For pastors, peacemakers, and folks whose own families carry those tender and terrible bruises.

-Rev. Lizann Bassham, Campus Pastor
Author of Barefoot

Kevin Fisher-Paulson

Sometimes when I read a book, I fall in love.

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Richard Smoley

A beautiful, touching, and eloquent book showing how people move past the pain of religious disapproval. I go away from it ever more bewildered that anyone would waste their energy on hatred.

Kristyn Komarnicki

. . . enemies become friends at the Good Shepherd’s table.

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Rev. Lizann Bassham

. . . her own family's breaking apart. . . [are] the prologue and epilogue for the journey of eight people who committed themselves to a powerful process. . .

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Riess Potterveld, PhD

Sexual orientation, gender identity... biblical authority, divergence in interpretation of unsettling Biblical texts....the speakers are truly diving deep to touch on feelings, fears and experiences that have shaped their personal lives.

-From the book's Foreword

Donal Godfrey, SJ

. . .as a Roman Catholic priest who also happens to be gay, I certainly feel the need for such safe spaces and find a safe space within the stories which this book provides. . . . This is not only possible but happening.

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Bernard Schlager, PhD

Positive change through. . .radically open dialogue. . . a book to read and reread.

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