Inspirational Speaker

   In search of answers that serve us all, I help people cross enemy lines. I tell stories about people who do. Like the neighbors from both sides of the gun debate who produced a constitution of common solutions; Like the pro-choice and pro-life women who teamed up to lead a weekend retreat for women on both sides of the abortion debate; Like the gay people and evangelicals who stood side by side co-facilitating dialogue; Like the dying woman who stuck around way past her "expiration date" just to leave behind a finished life, I speak to that place where people hunger for something solid. I share the ancient recipe. I serve it up hot.


Innovative Trainer

   Whether it be about abortion, guns or civil rights, we never check our core beliefs at the door. Putting shoes and socks on our wildest dreams, we reach down into our deepest reasons for believing as we do, for being who we are, and we put them right up front. We take what's good and true about who we are and we use it to reach out to the same in the people who scare us. This, a very good place to begin, enables people who disagree on social issues to communicate, cooperate and collaborate. Side-by-side among a "team of rivals," they take the lead. Undivided and unconquered, they seek common solutions to American problems.

  • Insure Domestic Tranquility:   A Conversation about Gun Control, Gun Rights, and the United States Constitution
  • Common Ground A Moment of Silence in "The War Between Women"
  • First Be Reconciled:  Breaking Bread Left & Right; Building Peace Gay and Straight
  • Sparking Family Unity during End-of-Life Decisions
  • How to Love Your Enemies Without Losing All Your Friends
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